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Consulting Expertise

Our friendly engineers will be delighted to provide further clarification, generally advice or information with regards to our scope of services.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Preparation and submission of Geotechnical Assessment Report for hillside development projects as required by local authorities (planning stage and earthworks submission stage).
  • Preparation and submission of Geological Terrain Mapping Report for development projects as required by local authorities.
  • Accredited Independent Geotechnical design checking/assessment/audit for various types of geotechnical designs and construction.
  • Planning of Scope and Interpretation of Site Investigation (S.I.) for various types/classes of buildings, roads and civil engineering projects to ensure compliance with the requirements stipulated by the code of practice or local authorities.
  • Design of various types of earth retaining structures, reinforced slopes/walls, foundation systems, ground improvement/treatment works.
  • Cost effective alternative designs of foundations, slope stabilizations, retaining wall structures, ground treatment, etc.
  • Slope/wall distress/failure investigation & remediation proposal/design.
  • Foundation distress/failure investigation & remediation proposal/design.
  • Technical advice to be given to design consultants, project owners/managers and contractors related to practical or cost-effective construction aspects & design optimization for geotechnical works.
  • Practical Training Courses/Lectures/Workshops for engineers, project supervisors and managers related to design & construction controls or quality controls plus failure investigation & remediation design for shallow & deep foundations, slopes, retaining walls, ground treatments, foundation instrumentation/ testing & interpretation, SI planning & interpretation, etc. Training can be arranged for small groups of engineers and technical personnel from Consultants, Contractors, Developers, etc.
  • Provide expert witness services related to construction disputes about geotechnical works.
  • Provide assessment and solutions to solve various site construction problems related to foundations, slopes, retaining walls, earthworks, etc.

Geotechnical Consulting Engineers

We welcome enquiries with regards to our scope of services, request for quotes, or if you are seeking technical advice/opinions, etc.