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Slope stabilization by using soil nails with HDPE Geocell slope protection system. (Clockwise from Top Left: A) Failed Natural Slope of about 23m high. B) The failed slope have been carefully restored to the original scenic green finishes after soil nailing & protection by HDPE geocell. C) Laying of the HDPE geocell system. D) Typical detailing of the slope stabilization scheme.

The Settled & Cracked RC Ground Floor Slab For A Large Car Showroom Is Reconstructed With Cost-Effective Suspended RC Slab Supported By Floating 75mm Diameter Bakau Piles Of About 5m Long At 0.5m Spacing Bothways In Very Soft Clay Of More Than 10m Thick.

Cut Slope Failure Investigation & Remediation Design

Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) & Mitigations Against Infiltration For 70m High Cut Slopes In Hilly Terrains For Apartment Project.

Investigation & Remediation Design For Failures Of Slumping Slopes & Pavement Cracks On Roads.

The Excessive Consolidation Settlement Of The Unsuspended RC Slab Of Central Court Yard Used For Weekly Assembly & Extra Curriculum Activities Has Caused Cracks, Rain Water Ponding And Hazards To Students. The Difference In Level Between The Suspended RC Ground Floor Slab/Apron And Settled Central Court Yard (Due To Consolidation Of Thick Soft Underlying Soil) Is About 500mm. The Settled Central Court Yard Is Raised To The Original Level By Construction Of Suspended RC Slab Supported By Small RC Piles.

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