Geological Terrain Mapping Report (Laporan Pemetaan Geologi Terain/Laporan Penilaian Geologi)

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Based on the OSC 3.0 PLUS application manual, the Mineral & Geoscience Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Mineral & Geosains, JMG) is listed as one of the technical agencies involved in the application of development order process (Kebenaran Merancang), whereby the submission of a Geological Terrain Mapping report (Laporan Penilaian Geologi) is required to be

Geotechnical Categories of Design/Investigation

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In every project, there are numerous factors that should be considered e.g. site conditions, type of structure (and any special requirements), the conditions of the surroundings, ground conditions, ground water conditions, environmental conditions, etc. With so many factors in place, there is a need for a guideline on the extent of geotechnical investigations, calculations

Displacement Piles & Non-displacement Piles

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Piles are deep foundations, commonly used to transmit loads from the superstructures into the ground. Generally, the term “piles” refer to slender and long structural members or elements installed deep into the subsoil to support structures when there are no suitable and competent subsoil at shallow depth (<3m) or when the site condition renders


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In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, as we were all stuck at home and practicing self-quarantine (and the excessive eating and web surfing), it was a very good time to study and to seek self-improvement. Thanks to a very passionate fellow Engineer who shared an awesome website (Springer) which offered more than 400

5 Telltale Signs of a Distressed Slope

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If you own or reside at a property with adjacent slopes or retaining walls, you might want to be concerned over the stability of the slope in question. Here is an example of a famous slope failure that occurred in Malaysia i.e. Puncak Setiawangsa (2012). There were no casualties because the residents were vigilant

A Brief Description of Soil Investigation (S.I.)

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It is a fact that all structures in this world are built on the ground. (In case you are wondering, the ISS is technically a spacecraft.) This raises several questions: How do we know what are we dealing with, when we do not know what is underneath? Are we going to construct a building